Tweets & Elections

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Daily tweet volume for each party around elections. The ordering of parties (i.e., the numbers in parentheses) is based on actual ranking in the election. (A) Euro14. 1st: PD. 2nd: M5S. 3rd: FI. 4th: LN. 5th: NCD-UdC. 6th: AET. 7th: FdI-AN. (B) Italy13. 1st: M5S. 2nd: PD. 3rd: PdL. 4th: SC. 5th: LN. 6th: SEL. (C) Bulgaria13. 1st: GERB. 2nd: BSP. 3rd: DPS. 4th: ATAKA.

Eom, Young-Ho, Michelangelo Puliga, Jasmina Smailović, Igor Mozetič, and Guido Caldarelli. 2015. “Twitter-Based Analysis of the Dynamics of Collective Attention to Political Parties.” PloS one 10(7):e0131184.